Vegeterian partner

My partner is a vegeterian so I made sure we're both happy

2020.10.19 16:27 KFiteni91 My partner is a vegeterian so I made sure we're both happy

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2020.05.19 15:28 Goblinsridingfrogs Vegeterians of reddit, what do you cook for your meat eating friends?

I am a vegeterian, but my partner is not. I do like to cook various foods which he generally likes alot aswell...but he doesn't LOVE them (except for my lasagna). I do not buy meat for him and I also do not prepare it as I don't eat it myself.
So, what types of food do you prepare for your meat eating friends/partners that they absolutely adore?
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2019.08.28 09:06 Runoon Lovely dead wife

Small town. Everyone's know everything. Two special things about this place: every one is vegeterian, and when someone die - if he was in a serious relationship, he keeps living (as a skeleton though) aside his "life"-partner, and also do it much better. More loving, more kind. When his spouse also die, they both passing away entirely. Sounds great, but for Eli Goldberg it wasn't what happened. When his wife died, she didn't came back - what draged him into a deep depression, and hard alcohol addiction. After a tough year, Eli is back on his feet and makes his weakness into a profession, and open a boutique liquor store, with a small but great distillery in it. One day, a woman (wich her husband died and now walks as a skeleton) coming by to buy some home-made vodka, and the two of them falling in love. First they tried to keep it a secret, but because of the nature of the place, fastly everyone finds out. Soon, all the skeletons of the town burning down Eli's store, and chasing Eli and his gf. They hunt them down till they catch and kill them near Eli's wife grave.
Hey y'all! Thanks for getting that far. As you can see, this is a sketch I wrote a week ago, an idea for a story. I'd realy like to hear what you think about it. Two important things: I wrote it in another language first, and then translated to english. If someone is interested in reading the original (hebrew), just lemme know. Second, sorry for grammar ;)
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