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Cook Islands with Popularity Poll Boot Order

2017.01.21 00:25 HaterShades7 Cook Islands with Popularity Poll Boot Order

Boot Order
Adam Gentry: Adam creeps out Parvati and Candice. He also tries to vote out Penner for being a nerd. Penner, Parv, and Candice vote him out. 3-1-1
JP Calderon: JP and Ozzy throw the challenge to vote out Billy. Ozzy changes his mind because he’s tired of Cristina calling him Oscar. Him and JP get in a fight. Ozzy turns Cecilia and Billy against JP and JP is voted out. 3-2
Yul, Parvati, Ozzy, Stephennie, Cao Boi, Candice, Billy, Cristina, Becky
Sekou, Jenny, Penner, Cecillia, Nate, Sundra, Brad, Flicka, Rebecca
Sekou Bunch: Aitutaki Scared of the four person Black alliance Penner leads a five person alliance of himself Brad, Flicka, Cecillia, and Jenny. They vote out the weakest. Sekou. 5-4
Flicka Smith: Penner realizes he might look bad after targeting the Black alliance. So he decides to have the tribe unanimously vote out Flicka for PR. 7-1
Rebecca Borman: The Black purge is back on as Aitu loses their third straight immunity. Rebecca is the weakest so she gets the boot. 4-3
Stephannie Favor: Yul, Becky, Cao Boi, Billy and Cristina control the Hiki majority. Parvati convinces Yul to vote out Stephenie since she is a free Agent that they cannot trust she also implied she wanted to go home. 8-1
Brad Virata: Sundra and Penner realise no Asian has been voted off yet so they vote off Brad. 4-2
MUTINY: Jenny mutinies as she knows she is on the outs of Aitu, Penner follows her because he realises he is now the next one on the block.
Yul, Becky, Cao Boi, Cristina, Billy, Ozzy, Parvati, Candice, Jenny, Penner.
Ceciliia, Sundra, Nate
Cecilia Mansilla: Cecilia is voted out of the Aitu tribe as Sundra and Nate control the vote. 2-1
Cristina Coria: Penner, Yul, Becky, Cristina, Cao Boi, Jenny and Billy control the majority on Hiki. They attempt to vote out Candice but after the votes are read she idols out Cristina. 3
Candice Woodcock: The Aitu tribe opens up the bottle twist and it is revealed they will vote again. The same majority votes out Candice. 6-3
Jenny Guzon Bae: Ozzy wins immunity, Sundra, Nate, Ozzy, Parvati form an alliance. Cao Boi gets the majority alliance to split the vote against the minority because they think that Parvati has an idol. They also incorrectly assume that Nate and Sundra are working with them. 4-3-3
Billy Garcia: Parvati wins immunity, she convinces Billy to flip while Ozzy convinces Cao Boi to flip. Yul catches wind of this and is able to convince Cao Boi to flip back to his alliance. Yul gets Cao Boi to feed Ozzy and Billy false information on who the vote is for. 4-3-2
Sundra Oakley: Yul’s alliance is tied with Parvati’s. Ozzy wins immunity. Both sides go to rocks. Yul gets 4 votes and Parvati gets 4 other votes Sundra gets voted out in the rock draw.
Becky Lee: Yul wins immunity. Penner flips on Yul because he realises Yul is the biggest threat in the game and sides with Parvati’s side. They vote out Becky who is perceived as being Yul’s right hand man. 4-3
Nate Gonzales: Yul wins immunity again. Yul and Cao Boi make a fake idol which they use to flip Penner over to their side as they claim they are both safe. At the revote Parvati flips on Nate as she doesn’t want to go to rocks for him. 3-3, 3-1
Cao Boi Bui: Ozzy wins immunity. Yul declares that he can’t go home because he has the fake idol. Parvati and Ozzy target Cao Boi, Penner goes with him as he sees this as a chance to take out Yul’s partner and this way he can pave the way for a final two with just himself and Ozzy. 3-2
Parvati Shallow: Ozzy wins immunity, Yul is still leveraging the fake idol he manages to convince Penner that voting out Parvati is the best move because Ozzy has done nothing other than win challenges. Parvati also has the largest amount of guaranteed jury votes. Yul also claims that Penner can vote him out at the next tribal. Parvati tries to take out Yul because she thinks he might be bluffing. Penner explains his plan to take out Parvati and then Yul to Ozzy and Ozzy decides to go with it.
Final Three The final three are surprised by the announcement that all of them get to go to Final Tribal Council. At final tribal Ozzy argues that his challenge dominance should earn him the win and that he played a loyal game. Penner argues he controlled the whole game as his constant flipping ensured that his target always went home. Yul argues that he was able to leverage people into working with him despite him being at a disadvantage throughout many periods of the merge.
Ozzy Lusth: Candice and Nate
Jonathan Penner: Billy, Cristina and Jenny
Yul Kwon: Cao Boi, Sundra, Becky, Parvati
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