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I am a past president of Brandon Area Realtors, director of Manitoba Real Estate Association, and senior partner of Royal LePage Martin Liberty Realty. Family is my treasure. Married to Miriam we have four married children and their partners, and soon to be six fabulous grandchildren, plus a pack of dogs and cats. The Brandon Friendship Centre is pleased that you have visited our site. There are plenty of programs and services being offered by our Friendship Centre. ... The Brandon Friendship Centre is 1 of 120 Friendship Centre’s across Canada and 1 of 11 in Manitoba. Brandon Friendship Centre. ... To partner with service agencies, volunteer ... Brandon Real Estate Manitoba listings for buying Brandon Manitoba Real Estate and selling Brandon Real Estate in Brandon, Manitoba, CFB Shilo, and MLS. I can help you with all your Brandon and area real estate needs. [email protected] Ph/Text: 204-721-0928 . Brian Baker Sales Representative / Partner Royal LePage Martin-Liberty ... Brandon Real Estate Manitoba listings for buying Brandon Manitoba Real Estate and selling Brandon Real Estate in Brandon, Manitoba, CFB Shilo, and MLS. I can help you with all your Brandon and area real estate needs. [email protected] Ph/Text: 204-721-0928 . Brian Baker Sales Representative / Partner Royal LePage Martin-Liberty ... RNIP: Brandon and Manitoba to accept applications. Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is Canada’s one of the recent initiatives in order to attract newcomers to the country’s rural areas in order to overcome skilled work-force demand by local employers. After the launch of the pilot, local communities gradually started submitting their applications to participate in the program. BRANDON Manitoba most comprehensive, up to date directory of Trucking Companies and Freight Brokers. Truck Driver Jobs. Search by location, service type, cargo type, company size and much more. Use the map to define the area of your search. Let our unique algorithm suggest the best Trucking Company or Freight Broker that suits your needs. If applicable, applicant’s spouse or common law partner successfully completed a post-secondary program in Brandon, Manitoba within the past twelve months that is a minimum of 2 years in duration. Please note, to qualify for the available points, the full period of study must have been completed in Brandon, or transferred from another post ... Don’t miss your chance - join our social network today to find the best partner for love, romance and much more in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada! Read More. Related Articles. June 11, 2020. Everything You Should Know About Dating with Koreans. Korean singles are not the people we are used to date. They have their own traditions and customs, and ... Student at Brandon University Brandon, Manitoba, Canada 1 connection. Join to Connect. Brandon University. Report this profile; Education. Brandon University. Brandon University. ... Strategic Partner linking Human Capital with Business Results (50K+ connections) United Arab Emirates. Show more profiles Show fewer profiles. BU takes part in project studying intimate partner violence during pandemic. September 21, 2020. Researchers from Brandon University (BU) and the University of Manitoba (UM) are working with the Manitoba Status of Women Secretariat to study the experiences of survivors of intimate partner violence who are seeking help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A detailed look at Delta 9

2020.07.04 16:39 ManH0leInspector A detailed look at Delta 9

Delta 9 was the 4th cannabis producer to be licensed in Canada. This is a slow moving company that has been coming out with improving quarter over quarter number while being cash flow positive. In a sea of cannabis woes this company has managed to become profitable while posting QoQ revenue increases. They are on a path of expanding their retail foot print (51% of 2019 sales) while having grow capacity 8,325 KG (6 government supply contracts) and consulting services (grow pods, licensing consulting).
Here is a condensed detailed look at the company:
Cultivation, Processing, and Wholesale
*80,000 square foot, multi floor, Health Canada licensed facility
*297 proprietary cultivation Grow Pods under license (will never lose a major crop)
*8,325 Kg/ year cultivation capacity
*25,000 Kg/ year processing capacity
*Licensed to sell wholesale consumer packaged cannabis products in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Colombia, Ontario, BC
*Supply Agreements with Auxly Cannabis Group (TSX.V:XLY) and Decibel Cannabis Company (TSX.V:DB)
*Supply Agreement with the Auxly Cannabis Group to supply up to 5,000 Kg/ year of cannabis flower and cannabis trim materials. Delta 9 has agreed to work with Auxly to purchase consumer packaged cannabis 2.0 Products for sale in its retail stores
*Beverage deal with Fort Garry brewing to create hemp beer and CBD beer
*Over $9 Million in 2019 Wholesale Revenues
Production/Wholesale KPI's
*Total Grams Produced - 1,198,983
*Total Production Cost per Gram - $0.98
*Total Cash Cost Per Gram - $1.10
*Total Grams Sold - 591,080
*Avg Selling Price per gram - $4.50
*6 current operating stores (2 x Winnipeg, Brandon, Thompson, Calgary, Grande Prairie)
*1 stores Kenaston the build-out is complete waiting on approval
*Note Canopy/Delta 9 entered into a joint venture whereby Canopy applied for 5 retail licenses and Delta 9 applied for 4 retail licences. These stores are owned separately despite the application being joint.
*Plans to open an additional 12 stores over the next 18 months including franchising (see Manitoba Hotel Association deal)
*Over $16 Million in 2019 Retail Revenues (over 51% of total 2019 revenue)
*In Q1 2020 the company posted retail sales of 5.8 million with 4 active stores (2 x Winnipeg, Brandon, Thompson). In the first and second week of June 2020 the company launched its Calgary/Grand Prarie stores.
*Manitoba Hotel Association -
Retail Key Performance Indicators
Business to Business
*Sale of our Proprietary Grow Pods to third parties
*Sales of Cannabis Genetics
*Consulting and Health Canada Licensing Services
*Long Term Strategic Relationships
*Over $6 Million in 2019 B2B Revenues
*In Q1 2020 B2B revenue was posted at 3.1 million primarily due to the sale of their proprietary Grow Pod technology. The grow pod technology is being sold across North America with Delta 9 being the primary contractors for maintenance and consulting.
Debt & Share Structure
*Common Shares - 87,960,000
*Total Diluted Shares - 116,180,000
*Convertible Debentures - 9,750,000 (exercise $1.21 - exp. July 17 2022)
*Warrants - 9,750,000 at $1.33 until July 17 2022
*Agent Warrants - 680,000 at $1.33 until July 17 2022
*Stock Option - 1,970,000 at 0.65 until Oct 31 2022
*Stock Option - 520,000 at $2.77 until Jan 22 2023
*Stock Option - 340,000 at $2.30 until February 20, 2023
*Stock Option - 2,350,000 at $1.79 until Sept 12 2023
*Stock Option - 2,560,000 at 0.55 until Nov 13 2024
Note - the CEO John Arbuthnot & Founder Bill Arbuthnot own 32 million common shares. The total free float is 56,000,000 million shares with no debt obligations due for 24 months.
Recent Q1 Financials
Q1 ended March 31, 2020
*Working Capital - $23,900,000
*Revenue - $11,750,000
*Gross Profit before biological changes - $4,895,000 (42%)
*Adjusted EBITDA - $1,650,000
*EPS - 0.02
Market Capitalization
*Common shares (87.96 mill) x Current SP (52 cent CDN) = $45,739,200
*Trades on Toronto Stock Exchange as DN (Close Today 52 cents CDN SP)
*Trades on OTC VRNDF (Close Today 41 cents US SP)
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2020.04.08 16:42 weedislifeman Pot stores offering touchless transactions during COVID-19 crisis

Pot stores offering touchless transactions during COVID-19 crisis
Cannabis retailers in Manitoba are not taking their "essential service" status for granted during the virus-induced crisis and are redesigning their services to maximize social distancing.It has likely encouraged the industry to roll out some e-commerce technology earlier than might otherwise have been the case.Some offer home delivery and most cannabis retailers in Manitoba are now providing a "click and collect" service, allowing customers to order online and then pick up and pay at the store.Winnipeg-based Delta 9, which has four stores in the province, now offers a touchless service, where payment is made online and staff deliver the product to the customer’s car.Ian Chadsey, Delta 9’s vice-president of corporate affairs, said it’s the kind of change caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that may alter the lay of the land post-crisis."I think a few things are going to change," he said.Late last week the Ontario government dropped cannabis from its list of essential businesses allowed to operate during the current lockdown, but Manitoba continues to allow stores to operate and retailers are trying to be as careful as they can be.Canopy Growth Corporation, which owns Tweed and Tokyo Smoke cannabis retail stores, closed all 23 of its stores three weeks ago, but has reopened some of them this week allowing customers to order online and come into the stores, show their IDs and pay for their products — getting in and out of stores quickly.Jordan Sinclair, Canopy’s vice-president of communications, said "We made the proactive decision to temporarily close our corporately owned Tweed and Tokyo Smoke stores so we could quickly determine a safe path forward during the COVID-19 outbreak. We have implemented additional precautionary measures in the stores that have reopened and with the rollout of the click and collect program, we are confident that we can service select communities in the safest, fastest way possible."Matt Ryan, vice-president of marketing for National Access Cannabis and Meta Cannabis Supply stores, said the COVID-19 outbreak has caused the whole industry to pivot.Meta has eight stores operating in Manitoba (one location at Long Plains First Nation has temporarily closed) with slightly reduced hours.Last weekend, it launched its own version of click and collect."We all wanted to get to this point," Ryan said. "It has been expedited because of the uncertainty of the pandemic. It’s forced technology development to happen quicker."Meanwhile, cannabis sales are strong during the lockdown where many Winnipeggers are working from home.Delta 9 has implemented a number of social-distancing measures in its stores (it has two in Winnipeg, one in Brandon and one in Thompson), it is providing a $2 per hour bonus for front-line workers on the job through the current crisis, and its click and collect system will limit the time customers spend in-store.The company recently reported that fourth quarter revenue, up to the end of Dec., 2019, was double what it was for the same period in 2018 which was the first quarter of legal recreational cannabis sales in Canada.Delta 9 has other store locations developed in Winnipeg and Alberta and is just awaiting the completion of licence before they open.This week it announced its second micro-cultivation partner, Oliver Acres Ltd., operating as Cypress Craft, in the rural municipality of North Cypress, Man.Delta 9 provides turnkey grow pod operation in the form of a fitted-out shipping container, complete with all of the genetics and growing support. Oliver Acres is the second Delta 9 micro-cultivation partner to receive a licence from Health Canada. The company has sold 89 growing pods with many more micro-cultivation licences pending.Delta 9 provides the production facility design and construction, development of standard operating procedures and sanitation programs, and assists in the Health Canada licensing, as well as other services supporting the acquisition of the Health Canada licence for those micro-cultivation [email protected]
Submitted April 08, 2020 at 03:21PM
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2019.05.24 19:00 Kylesan 33[M4F] Brandon Manitoba - Looking for a secondary partner

I'm a 33 year old male living in a poly void, it seems like most people around here unicorn hunters. I have a shaved head, brown eyes, bit heavier. I'm hoping to meet someone close to get to know and hopefully develop some sort of a relationship with be it friendship or more. My primary partner and I have been together for 16 years and non-mono for about 11. We live together, have kids, work silly hours and try to adult as best as we can. I'm not in the bar scene, I'd rather have drinks by a fire, a part-time student, love all sorts of music, coffee and good conversation, not huge on TV or movies but I'll binge occasionally. Looking to chat on reddit a bit and would definitely be willing to move to other platforms as needed.
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2013.06.08 21:27 B_Ikeda Canadian Students living/studying Down Under.

Hey mates!
Long post, here she goes!
My name is Brandon. I am a Canadian student 21 years of age living in Manitoba, Canada. I have been a long time lurker on your sub Reddit as well as /australia and visited Australia in 2012. I am finishing up my last courses of my General B.A Criminology degree here in Canada, and my girlfriend and I are seriously evaluating our options overseas. My partner, Katy is older than I am, and therefor completed her degree this year with an advanced major. We both are hard working students, with good GPA's. (Her's is higher then mine haha) I am fortunate to have family living in Sydney, whom with I stayed while on my trip. My partner and I both have a desire to study law and are particularly interested in the J.D masters program some of the Australian universities offer. I am here today to get some feedback and thoughts on some aspects of my plan to study and live in Sydney next year that I have considered and maybe some I have not considered. Before I lay out my plan, consider I have spent only about a month in Sydney prior (August 2012), but have done considerable research on the expected move, and have family living in Sydney whom is nice enough to help support me during my studies.
The Plan Katy would arrive in Sydney, Australia for February 2014 to begin studies at the University of Sydney, while I finish up studies here in Canada and leave for Oz May 2014. Because of the way our education schedules align I will finish my undergraduate degree in April 2014, but from what I understand won't be able to return to studies (Law J.D program) until the following year. (With my intentions being to come down originally on a working visa, then apply for a student visa in 2015.) During that period I want to find work. I am a lifeguard/swimming instructor here in Canada and hold all current Canadian qualifications. It would be ideal to find work in aquatics. For transportation around the city, Katy and I both plan to purchase bikes and yearly NSW public transport passes. For finances, we have support from family (local and international) working part time and government of Canada student loans.
Considering the worst, if we do not gain entry to the University of Sydney Faculty of Law, what are some recommendations for alternative campuses in the city?
I am a qualified certified swimming instructocoach/lifeguard. Will it be hard for me to transfer my qualifications from Canada to Australia? Will there be/ how much are the fees? What is the demand for this skill in Oz? Is it hard to find work in aquatics in general? According to my research 25-35$ AUD is a normal hourly wage for those in aquatics, is this far off?
Our climate is very different from yours, google "Winnipeg weather". Sparing the obvious, what clothes should I leave behind, or buy more of before the move?
I am outdoors person, so there are many free entertainment options that way (swimming, running, biking) . Can someone give me more information about local recreational co-ed soccer (football) leagues and other sports? And perhaps where to get in contact with scuba diving clubs or swimming clubs?
I plan to bike from Breakfast point to North Strathfield station, then hop the train to the CBD and then bus to campus? With a 15-20 minute bike ride and 30-45 train/bus commute? Does that sound ridiculous or ok? By the way how is biking/cycling in your city in general? (Seemed friendly enough compared to home but maybe not to New York.) How reliable/quick is the transit system? Bare in mind we will be staying in my Family in North Strathfield, commuting to University campus and to work. I have heard many Australians complain about the public transport in Sydney, but it was amazing for us when we rode on it last year!
If there is anything I have learned from my visit last year, is that there is no other place I'd like to study and spend my young adult years than Sydney. I look to jump right into Australian culture and embrace my new home for the next three years. I would like to stay and work after graduation as well. The Australian people were very nice and welcoming to us last year and I look forward to interacting with locals again on this forum! If you have any information for me don't hesitate to reply, a big thanks in advance!
I am 16 hours behind Sydney time. I will reply to this thread often during 12-3:00pm my time (Central Standard Time Zone)
A wishful Canadian, Brandon.
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This horse is going to be offered for sale at the Hagan Performance & Ranch Horse Sale on October 26th in Brandon, Manitoba for more information on the sale please go to ... The Boissevain-Morton Arts Council presents a time lapse of painting a mural on the Hazlewood Drugs building in Boissevain, Manitoba, Canada from June 9-14, 2019. ... Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Sign in. Watch Queue Queue This is just a brief depiction of my first few weeks here. -----... THIS IS PART 2 FROM OUR TRIP TO NM...YOURE NOT GOING TO WANT TO MISS CHAD FINDING HIS HUGE ELK SHED! THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ALONG! HOPE YOU ENJOY THE VID! MUSIC- EPIDEMICSOUND.COM SHOP RISE AND ... Pfizer Canada & Assiniboine partner to expand Power Engineering program - Duration: 7:58. ACCManitoba 409 ... Brandon Airport, Manitoba 2017 - Duration: 5:31. Dashcam Videos Recommended for ... Larry completed his honour arts degree in Psychology and Sociology at Brandon University in Manitoba and his law degree at Osgoode Hall Law School. ... Larry was called to the Bar in 1997 and ... Pfizer Canada & Assiniboine partner to expand Power Engineering program - Duration: 7:58 ... executive condo in Brandon Manitoba - Duration: 2:00. Shields Group Ryan and Jenn ... Manitoba: We did yoga with goats, learned about the history of Canada and human rights, snorkelled with beluga whales, stood in the centre of Canada, and walked on the arctic tundra. Catching up with Brandon Routh on the red carpet of the Paley Center for Media's fall preview, we talk about getting into character as Mennonite Wyatt in 'Partners' and what his on-screen ...